CFNM Gladirex

CFNM stands for Clothed Female Naked Male, and it’s everywhere. At least, there are many sites that explore this fetish and some do it better than others. But the interesting thing to ask yourself is ‘is this gay porn or straight?’

Well, there are many sites around that deal with CFNM, sites where you get hunky guys naked and bound (though bondage doesn’t have to be involved, humiliation of some sort often is), and where the ladies remain dressed. There are some with party themes where a group of sexy girls get together and humiliate the stripper, or the waiter. I've seen some where the guy is slowly jerked off, each girl in turn taking part, and then one lucky lady getting a face full of jizz at the end. There are sites where the guys are older and butch, and others where they are younger and more twinky. But the question still remains, is this straight sex for gay eyes, or fetish fantasy for everyone?

It depends on what your ‘kind’ of guy is I guess. For example; I was checking out the set of Gladirex sites and found that they now have CFNM in their collection. Actually they have two such sites that I know of: CFNM Tales and Crazy CFNM, but more about them in a moment. Gladirex is a Czech company, based in Prague, who make hot porn for lovers of younger, amateur and natural looking guys. Some would say they are into teen and twink sex, and there are certainly many younger looking men in their exclusive videos and galleries. But they also experiment, and have widened their standard circle of twink on twink porn, vanilla sex and youth solo content, they have moved into the world of fetish and, along with medical exam fetish sites, they now have these two CFNM ones to temp you.

Another quick point to note is that, along with their many sites and their Tube site, DVD theatres etc. they usually let members of one site into all the others as a bonus – so if you do join one you get great value for money.

But their CFMN sites, how do they measure up against others? Well, I’d say that yes, this is gay porn for gay guys (and girl or anyone curious), and I say that because I know the company specialises in gay content. Whereas some CFNM sites I've seen somehow come across as straight sex, when Gladirex puts a young guy in the hands of one or two clothed females it still remains gay viewing. And I think that’s to do with the cuteness of the guys. These models are young, around 18 to 21 I’d say, they are sexy enough on their own but when they are at the hands of some horny girls who strip, bind and humiliate them, things get even more erotic.

What the company manages to do is neat; they have found a way of filming their movies so that we, the gay audience, are aware of the ladies but the ladies are not getting in the way. Our eyes fall to the boys, their smooth young bodies, and we get off on seeing what happens to them. The forced ejaculations and the med exams are also hot, and don’t forget to check out the bonuses, but when you’re in CFNM Tales you will find these youths being ‘dealt with’ by the women in movies that have stories. Hence the ‘tales’ of the title. Some of these stories work better than others, but even without a ‘plot’ the videos remain sexy. And the same goes for Crazy CFNM, where there is more fetish input in the scenes, but where the naked youths remain horny and the ladies remain clothed.

Bottom line if you are gay and want some CFMN action? I’d recommend Gladirex as a network for anyone after some twink and youth themed gay porn, and anyone who wants to check out some CFNM scenes featuring younger guys.