Real Touch

Too Real to Feel So Good!

You know what it’s like when you’re home alone and you really want to get off, but you can’t get out – there’s nowhere to go and viewing porn just doesn’t quite hit the spot… What to do? Well, you may or may not know about Real Touch:

At first might look like an instruction manual for a computer accessory but, er, that’s exactly what the Real Touch product is. How can I put this? It’s rather like owning a plug-in ass, mouth or pussy. (You can view the straight demo as well as the gay one – it’s up to you; they are virtually the same but I am looking at the gay option.) Here you have an innovative product that you add to your computer via a USB port and a power supply. When you’re in the mood for some real-life dick attention you simply turn it on, fire it up and sit back to enjoy the feeling of someone else’s ass, mouth or pussy around your cock. It’s a computer-age, virtual fuck-buddy if you like, a toy with a difference. The perfect thing for when you’re watching porn and want to feel like you’re part of the action; for when a hand simply won’t do.

Let me take you though the features of the site: you start off with a demonstration about How It Works – you'll be better off on a fast connection speed here as the streaming intro (cute guy) can suffer from start and stop otherwise. Or pause it and let it buffer before you run the Flash video. Our cute anchorman also pops up on page two where you can meet the Stars. You see, when you sign up to buy a Real Touch you get access to 30 minutes of porn for free – there’s a neat line up of some of our favourite hunks here with the likes of Jeff Palmer, Roman Heart and Jarod Steel appearing in scenes. Once you've got your toy and plugged it in you can really imagine that these are the guys you’re fucking. As the buy line says, ‘porn stars as you've never felt them before.’ And that’s the point – with this toy you get to feel while you watch.

Now then, I know you’re going to wonder what happens after you've delivered your load into your virtual porn pro. Well, page three of the site takes you through the necessary hygiene and cleaning steps that you’re going to want to take after use. The Real Touch is designed so that it is easily maintained and is easy to keep clean. Open, rinse and air dry are the three steps to clean heaven here.

Moving on through the top menu and you will come to a blog where there is news and updates about the success and progress of your new best friend. Then there is the all important link to where to buy. At the moment you need to send in an email to register, and then you will be told immediately the product is available – it looks like it’s not quite there yet; but sign up for the news and you'll be top of the list when the Real Touch hits the stores. At the moment there is an introductory offer you will want to take advantage of; $149.99 for your toy, 30 minutes of viewing time at the PPV theatre, free shipping is included, and a free lube too – the actual toy will retail at $199.99 when it’s available so this is an offer to grab while you can. And talking of the PPV Theatre, this is also coming soon.

So everything is in place for the launch of this log awaited sex toy and you have a chance to get in on the action right from the start. Don’t forget that other virtual sex toys are already available: check out and for other (generally straight orientated) toys. Or bookmark to get one that comes with free porn attached.


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