Adult Affiliate Program Sign-up

Make Money for your Blog or Website With Adult Content

If you want to make some money, if you are into porn and adult websites, you will want to know the secrets of Adult Affiliate Programs. What are they and how can they work for you?

You may have seen links at the bottom of tour pages, on adult sites, saying ‘Webmasters click here’ or ‘Make money with us’ and similar things. I was always scared about clicking those links in case I wasn’t allowed to, as I wasn’t, then, a webmaster. But once I’d done some research I found out that not only could I make some online cash but I could also have fun doing it.

Basically, anyone can set up their own site that promotes other company’s porn sites. All you need do then is market your own site, and whenever someone goes from yours to the promoted site, you stand to gain a cut of the sign up payments. But is it as simple as that and what sites are best to promote?

First things first; yes it is pretty simple. There is a process to go through where you register with the company through their affiliate program, and you may need to set up your own account with the payment processor company, a place like CCBill, or whatever processor the company works with. But don’t be put off by that, the webmasters you are working with will hep you through his if you need assistance. That done, you then start to explore how each company works, and many of them work in the same way. You log in to your account with them, download their promo tools which include things like galleries, video clips and texts, you upload these to your site with the right codes (again these are given to you) and away you go.

So, not only are you now potentially earning money but you’re getting some free porn too. You can promote other people’s sites through your blog, a review site, a general ‘free porn’ site, where you give away some content that has been provided as samples, and then lead punters on to the actual sites, or you can come up with a more inventive way. I once had a site where folk self-submitted their own porn, got free membership in return, and then once inside could see all my affiliate samples and sites and go and join them if they wanted. This was a kind of specialist site; exhibitionists enter here. And once you've got your friendly members they are more inclined to take your advice and buy into a promoted site, and there comes your income.

As for what is best to promote, well it is kind of up to you. If you want to promote fetish, straight, gay, hardcore, soft core or dating, chat and cam sites, you can specialise. You could promote them all if you wanted to, the adult world is your oyster. As for which sites ‘convert’ best, well, you will need to do some checking around, look at the stats for each affiliate program and decided what converts well and why. And by ‘convert’ we mean; what sites sell well. If you are constantly promoting a site that no one joins you won't get anything out of it, so look for ones that have good quality content, a lot of members, a good payout rate (if a site only gives you a tiny amount for a lot of work then it’s not much good), and find sites that interest you as you will find them easier and more fun to promote.

You will want to find a good advice site, such as which gives you information by genre, what sites are doing well, what sites are worth promoting. From there you only need to join the affiliate program, and they are free to join, get your own site set up and start making money – and start viewing some free porn yourself while you do it. Bottom line? Approach Adult Affiliate Programs the right way and everyone is a winner.

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