Bigger City Review

It’s great to see a site that is for chubby gay men and their admirers. These days there is far too much importance attached to having a porn star body and being young and healthy. Hang on - that did read right: you can be young and healthy and still be a chubby guy or an admirer, even a porn star! What I mean is that hardly any of us achieve the status of “Greek God” so it’s good to find a site that acknowledges that. And that’s exactly what Bigger City does.

We’re not talking porn sites here either – there are plenty of sites that feature bears and chubby guys and sex, here we have a community site. You can register for free, set up a username and profile and then start to explore the site. As a basic member you will have restricted access but it’s not that expensive to upgrade and become a full member (only $49.95 for a full year.) Once you've done that you can enter competitions, share videos and enjoy a host of other great features.

The site is really divided into five main areas:

Personals: Here you can search for guys near you or anywhere around the world. A simple but wide ranging area search will bring up all the guys in that locality and you will be able to see their thumbnail, read their introductions and stats and, once you are signed up, you will be able to see his videos too. This is probably the part of the site that you will use the most and it’s worth signing up for the fermium membership. Why? Because otherwise you are bound to find someone you want to contact and you will get frustrated if you can’t, particularly if you want to see the ‘adult’ rated photos – believe me it’s happened to me before!

Galleries: The same goes for the gallery area. You have face pics and so on which are nice to see but you won’t be able to get to the hot stuff until you’re a full member. Remember this is a club and only full members benefit from all the features. The galleries contain the video clips as well as the images but you will have to register to view anything other than the thumbnails. The images are nicely arranged in several categories though so it’s going to be easy for you to pin down exactly the type of guy you want to see and meet.

Cams & Chat: this area lets you interact directly with other members. Again you need to sign in to access it but that’s not a problem, registration is quick. From here you can share webcam sessions and simply chat to other likeminded guys while you are on-line.

Community: This area lists all up and coming events and news for the global chub community. There is information from the USA and Europe on the page with featured clubs and events; there is a great search engine so you can look for events, bars, clubs and almost everything big-guy related in your country.

Store: the last main area lists loads of DVD titles that you can buy – all with bears and chubbies of course and it has other products too, like magazines, CDs and even pens.

I think this site is simply great. If I were awarding points it would be ten out of ten. Not only is it a specialist community site but it’s nicely designed, has loads of cool features, knows what you want and gives it to you. It’s really well priced too. So whether you are a chub, bear or chaser I can only think of one place for you to start living: in the Bigger City.