Bound Gods

boy dragged to urinals in underwearBound Gods is a new site from Kink that’s just leapt into the BDSM, gay, market and it’s one to keep an eye on. I was lucky enough to be given access to it the other day and this is a rundown of what I found in the members’ area:

First of all this site looks like no other. It carries the usual videos and galleries and has a dark and stylish design but there is something about the quality of the images that suggests theatricality. Some sites go for a quick set up, a couple of guys on a sofa and generally lighting but this one uses almost theatrical quality lighting in its scenes. You could be looking at photos here from some dark theatre piece about bondage and domination. The settings are big, like opera sets, except there’s no Tosca here only Torso.

And what torsos they are. The men are big and powerful, hunky and varied to give you some difference between the scenes. But the situations are also varied so you are not going to get the same old same old. The title of each movie gives you a clue: ‘The creepy janitor and the studly student’ where the student is bound and forced in a cellar; ‘The cat burglar and his prey’ that combines BDSM and foot fetishism and ‘The Spanish patient’ where a very sexy Spaniard is tied to the examination table and very slowly brought to climax. There are only 11 movies so far but updates are weekly.

stripped boy tied up awaiting tortureAs a member you can stream the movies on line in HD versions for WMV and Quicktime and there is an iPod compatible version to download too. You can download the videos in zip files and then unpack them, so you get to keep what you see. They come with a trailer so you can ‘test-drive’ before downloading, though I’m pretty sure you will want to keep these in their entirety. You are also treated to galleries that are PicLens enabled and that have good sized digital pics. The site gives you plenty of information with each episode and makes it clear in a statement that no model was harmed in the making of the productions.

kinky boy awaits dildo aimed for his buttholeSo does the sex look painful? At times yes, and convincingly so too. Apart from the bondage there are various nipple-clamps, taped mouths, spanking, whipping and anal insertions. It’s hard hitting stuff and not for the faint hearted but it’s also good and original. A refreshing change from some BDSM sites that seem afraid to go that little bit further to make things realistic.

The site also has some other nifty features. The main index pages, there are two so far, can be viewed as full view – with images from the videos along with the descriptions or as a more simple layout with one pic, title and description. Either way you view these pages you will be told how many clips and galleries there are and it’s easy to get to the main video pages. You have a model index too, Demigods and Demons, there are 23 guys featured there at the moment and each comes with his stats. A little more info about each one with links to his appearances would be good – maybe that will come in time.

young man hanging over urinals tied gagged open hole

So, a new site, one that’s well put together and stylish, one that features original guys in some very original scenes and a site that is being regularly added too. It’s a definite ‘must see’ for all BDSM fans and what you see on the tour is what you find inside. It comes in at a standard $34.95 per month and though there isn’t a lot of content yet what you will get for your money is high quality and good value.

man on dog leash dragged

Pictures from the top down: Guy carried to the toilets by his master made to drink piss out of the dirty urinals. 2nd pic shows boy awaiting his master after being gagged and tied up. 3rd pic shows a limp young man with a pulsating hairy hole scared of the big black dildo that he is about to be tortured with. 4th pic shows a hot young man hanging down above the mens urinals with his man hole looking down at the plumbing holes below. In the last pic you see a man collared and made to walk on all fours like a slave pig should.

pierced penis for pain

If you liked these pics of these young men having sex in the bathrooms of the Armory then you will enjoy the hot penis piercings going on and hardcore kink you will experience.

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