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There are many BDSM sites out there that take gay bondage as their theme but there are also some that take it to extremes. I am not saying that Captured Gays does that – I can’t as I haven’t seen all the way inside it as you will fid out – but here is what I thought about, and found out about, the site when I took a look around.

Captured Gays if definitely a site that’s not for the squeamish. There’ a fine line between acceptable porn and stuff that is just downright nasty and this site stays on the right side of that line, I’m pleased to say. You can tell from the tour that there is a definite forced sex theme going on and the guys involved are young twinks.

There are various text boxes on the first tour page and they don’t stay away from clichés, which is kind of fun. ‘Tied up a bit at work’, they say leading us to the conclusion that there will be bondage videos and pics. ‘Gripping games’ may lead to wrestling content perhaps, ‘strings are attached’ well, let’s hope so! There is no doubt that this is a teen site with a fetish theme: BDSM, that’s bondage and sadomasochism.

I followed the preview tour and found more pictures and short flash animations. Here were young guys with their cocks and balls tied, their hands bound and wearing collars and leads. There was oral and anal action depicted as well as simple images of guys taped up and restrained. The text descriptions continued but you will either want to see the site or not and I doubt the text will actually sway you; the images speak far louder than the words. Reaching the sign up page I found the prices started at €7.95 for a three day trial membership, that’s around $11.00 apparently. One month was €29.95 which was around $42.00.

There was not much else to go on with this tour and so I looked around to see what other reviewers had thought of the members’ area as I didn’t have access at this time and I had not been in the protected part of the site before. I went to my usual places to check on reviews that contain file size information and details about videos and galleries but none of them seemed to have reviewed this site. The little ‘insider’ information I could glean was that the site contained videos, images and stories and that it also had third party feeds on offer – but that was it. How mysterious, I thought, that such a specialist site should have attracted so little attention from my fellow reviewers.

I did, finally, manage to find one other write up that pointed out that most of the guys on the site appeared to be accepting their punishment willingly. ‘Most’ and ‘appeared’ I notice; does that mean that there are some who are not? The thing to remember is that sites such as these use models and actors and they should – we all hope – be role paying. Without seeing for myself I can’t tell you if the scenes depicted inside the site are real or acted, you will have to make up your own mind about that.

So it’s best to describe Captured Gays as extreme teen – gay – hard-core BDSM that features younger looking guys in bondage and sadomasochistic action. Definitely a fetish site but with more general hard-core sucking and teen fucking action too this one has a mysterious quality to it. All I can suggest is that if you want to see young guys in ropes, chains, leather and doing things with gags and whips then these sure kooks like a place for you to try.

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