Fetish Lad

Sometimes a website comes along that stands out from all the others in its genre and, I am pleased to say, Fetish Lad is one such site for many reasons.

Let’s say that you are keen on fetish sites and you've been looking around the web for a great adult site to join, somewhere where you can view all kinds of fetishistic content, videos, galleries and so on. If you've seen some that I've seen in the past you may be left thinking, ‘well, that was all a bit of a let down.’ I've come across many fetish sites that promise you certain content, or a certain fetish, but then which don’t deliver and they do tend to leave a nasty taste in the mouth. But you won’t fee like that once you've seen Fetish Lad and here are some of the reasons why:

You tend to find two kinds of adult websites: one that simply offers you some pics and vids to get off to – you sign up, view the content and then cancel your membership because either nothing new is added often enough or because the content on offer was limited; you've seen it all so why stay a member?

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Then there is the kind of site that gives you the sort of experience that you get when you come to Fetish Lad.

Yes, there are videos and galleries, so you have your standard/basic adult content to view and enjoy. But there is so much more to it than that. In fact I would go further and say this is not a standard, adult website at all, you are not signing up to be a member (well, you are of course but…) you are signing up to become part of a community. There is just about everything here that you could wish for in a site and it’s the kind of place that you join and remain a member of; just like joining a club.

You can browse the soft and hardcore fetish images and there are many, many videos to view. Loads of different fetishes are featured, from BDSM, leather, S & M, glory holes, T-Girls, toys, suits, uniforms, dungeons, hot wax and some other really hardcore stuff too. So, you have a good variety. You also have a chance to get involved so you are not just a voyeur. There is an area where members can exchange their own videos and pics: a bit like one of those ‘Tube’ sites, simply upload your home movies and enjoy others by likeminded guys. The same goes for the stories – send in your own tales and accounts of your experiences and read real stories written by other members. There are forums and message boards so you can even hook up with other guys into the same things. But still the site goes further by listing fetish shops, events, clubs and gatherings and they arrange discounts for you to some of these things.

I do have to point out that fetish Lad is a UK site and that these shops, clubs and listings tend to be British based, but that’s not a problem if you’re in the UK. If you are travelling… coming to the UK? Check Fetish Lad for the latest news on where and when fetish clubs, bars, groups and events are taking place. You have plenty of opportunity to contact the site and ask and you really do get the feeling that the guys who run the site care so much about it that they will contact you personally to answer any questions you have.

Yes, I'm raving about Fetish Lad simply because it is so much more than a place for fetishistic titillation. It goes several steps further than your average adult site, it cares about what it does and it does it well. Join here and you are joining a true on line community and one that you won’t ever want to leave.


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