This is a fetish to some while it is just a masturbation technique to many. The Fleshlight has risen in popularity in recent months as the being better than most penile penetration.

What is a Fleshlight? Well, for a full explanation you should visit fleshlight.com which is the official site of this fabulous piece of equipment that no self respecting wanker should be without. And I mean that in a nice way because a Fleshlight is a male masturbation toy. I guess it’s called Fleshlight because it resembles a flashlight only you don’t dip your dick in your flashlight do you? No, you dip it in your new and totally customisable toy.

A quick lesson on how to build your new hand held device. 1) Select an orifice with vagina, mouth, butt and ‘non-descript’ to choose from. 2) Select a sensation; there are six of these and there are cross section photos to show you each one, it is the shape of the inside of your Fleshlight tube. 3) Next you choose a case for your toy from one of two colours. 4) You checkout. That selection cost me $59.95 before shipping. There are other toys and accessories on the site too so it’s worth having a look around before you place your order. (If you are in the UK or Europe you might try fleshlight.co.uk where everything is in pound sterling.)

And now I bet you want to see a Fleshlight in action don’t you? Ok then I will do a search and see what comes up…

It’s pretty obvious that it’s the amateur film maker who is number one when it comes to Fleshlight action. Most of the first page of my search was links to forums and blogs and ordinary guys showing themselves off on XTube, for example. So I went there and found loads of home movies featuring guys and their toys; I list count at the 500th clip. It was interesting to note that most of the Fleshlights I saw in action were the female variety – that is they were replica vaginas and not butts, leading me to suspect that the guys in the vids were mainly straight.

And it was also fun to see the various techniques for Fleshlight use. Many guys simply inserted their dick and held the toy in the same way as they would hold their dick while jerking and slid the tube up and down their shaft. The speed of this varied as some guys favoured the slow approach and others went at it hell for leather. There were some guys who held the toy still and used their hips to thrust and some other were very inventive: they wedged their toy on a chair, on among pillows on the bed and fucked it in a much more realistic fashion. I also noticed that many of the guys discarded the toy once they were about to shoot – they preferred the old fashioned hand method for that part of the activity and I wondered if this was a) so the camera could see the cum shot or b) because they didn’t want to have to clean their Fleshlight out afterwards. Actually hygiene is something to take into consideration, so when you buy yours make sure you look after it!

I have to admit that it’s quite a horny thing to watch: straight (and gay) guys jerking off with toys and it made me wonder if any adult sites (membership, pay to join etc.) used Fleshlights in their videos. Do you know I didn’t find any and yet I am sure I have seen them in use in hard-core movies before. I searched under ‘toys’ (only dildos and the occasional penis pump) and under Fleshlight but no. It seems there is a little hole in the market there, if you will excuse the pun! I tell you what; if, on my travels, I find any gay or straight adult sites that use Fleshlights I will let you know.


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