Orgasm control/Hypnosis

What exactly is meant by ‘orgasm control’? Well, there is a technical description and a much simpler one: Basically the idea of orgasm control is for one partner to take control over another’s orgasm and the technique can be practiced by anyone, regardless of sexual orientation.

The active partner will stimulate his or her mate to a point in what is known as the ‘Plateau Phase’, (where the orgasm has started but can still be stopped.) Then the stimulation is lessened so that the felling dies away and the orgasm doesn’t happen. Then the process is repeated over again and each time the orgasm is effectively stopped so the tension is highlighted, the feelings become more intense and the climax takes longer. Finally there must be a release (we hope) and, when that happens, the orgasm is more intense and stronger due to the heightened tension and arousal that has built up during the stimulation.

Which is another way of saying that you tease your partner by not allowing them to cum – you get them to just below the ‘point of no return’ and then stop, calm down and start again. How long you torture your mate with this pleasurable pain is up to you and up to how good your control is.

There is a difference between orgasm control and ‘orgasm denial’ techniques that are often practised in BDSM situations. In the latter the point of one partner controlling the orgasm of another is to disallow the climax completely and purposely create sexual frustration. With orgasm control you let your parter blow his (or her) load at the end of it. Agree the rules before you start!

Let’s take this control one stage further and add hypnosis. Yes, really, it can be done. There’s a fairly comic example at thatvideosite whether you believe in the power of hypnosis or not and several are found at reallyfunnyclips but there is a serious and erotic side too. The only site I found, where guys were hypnotised and then performed sexual cats, was and I have to say that this is a site that works really well. I reviewed it recently so I've seen inside the members’ area and it’s a very convincing, erotic and even spooky site to see.

The black and Latino guys who appear on the site succumb to the hypnotist and yes, it does look genuine. While in their hypnotic state they strip, jerk off and do whatever they are directed to do. There is a natural soundtrack where you can hear the world outside of the room they are in which only heightens the realism of the scenes and at the end the boys seem confused as to what has gone on. When I viewed the site I found that the exclusive scenes were not only erotic and horny to watch but they were hypnotic too – no pun intended. I was really drawn in to the atmosphere and realism of what I was seeing and even though I am a natural cynic, I honestly thought that these boys were really hypnotised and unable to stop themselves and their orgasms.

Check the site if you don’t believe me as there are trailers you can view for free that might convince you. You can sign up to the site three ways (credit card, check and phone) and memberships start with a two day trial at $14.66 – but watch out for this option as they then recur at $44.13 a month which is the standard monthly subscription. (That’s €29.95 or £23.73 GBP)

Maybe that site isn’t really about orgasm control; the real thing (for want of a better expression) is to do with two people willingly playing together, but in the hypno-site you will find guys having orgasms (by their own hand) while under someone else’s control.