Jockstrap fetish

jock in strapsGot a thing for jockstraps and don’t know where to turn? Want to see some hot pics and maybe videos on the theme, or learn about the history of the fetish? Or perhaps you’re just mildly curious to see what all the fuss is about. Well, thanks to the wonders of the World Wide Web you are no longer confined to sport clothes catalogues for shots of hunky guys in their jocks. Here are a few recommended sites to whet your appetite. This has to be your starting point as this is a serious site for serious fetishists. Here you can learn about the history of the jock strap, or the Athletic Supporter as it is properly known – interesting stuff, though not exactly the hottest of write ups. But then it’s not meant to turn you on. Commentators on the blog send in notes about how their jockstrap fetish started; from an early age, from playing sports or simply from seeing them on sale, everyone’s starting point is different it seems. The site also has a fun (and yet serious) test where, after checking several boxes, or not as the case may be, you can find out what level of jockstrap fetish purity you are at. (76% for me, mild, or ‘towel boy’ level.)

Those are just some of the side orders at jock fetish.tripod, slipping back to the home page you will find galleries of guys aroused in their jocks, frottage pics, toons, coloured jocks, locker room shots and vintage jock shots, plus other categories of galleries. There are also links to jockstrap related sites and a blog, with regularly posted images and general chat about the garments. The only problem with the site, for me, was navigation as everything was linked from the home page but I had to use my back button to return there. is another great site for serious jockstrap lovers. This one leans towards the written word in its large collection of stories and its live chat area. There are 20 galleries to view too, so it’s not all words, and friends of the site can send in their own pics to add to the images. Tom, a.k.a. AllKink is your host and he lets you see photos of his vast collection of jocks, some of which are collectors’ items for sure. This is a free site and a great resource for anyone wanting serious chat, information and details about jockstraps as well as anyone wanting to see amateur pics of guys wearing their jocks. is third on the list. This takes the form of a blog with big pics and lots of information. There are links to other underwear sites and many categories of previous posts. A good place for good pictures, contacts and links.

If you want to get more pornographic with your jock content then how about trying out This is a pay site offering you hardcore movies and images, all around the sex-in-a-jockstrap theme. I can’t tell you how much content there is inside, or what it is like, but there is a very well priced monthly membership at $16.95 so you’re hardly going to break the bank trying it out.

Of course there are other ways to find jockstrap fetish content, there are loads of adult sites that incorporate it in their general hardcore, simply run a quick search with the right keywords. You can also find other folk with the same interest through web rings ( for example, has a good list of fetish sites. But I’d start with where we came in. Out of all the sites I viewed this one seems to be the best for background and information on the serious side of the matter, and the sexual side of things isn’t over exploited.

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