Latex Fetish


I never really knew exactly what Latex was until I got more into the fetish scene – do you know? I know guys and girls look good in it and I find it sexy but what exactly is it. I checked my encyclopaedia:

“Latex refers generically to a stable dispersion (emulsion) of polymer microparticles in an aqueous medium.” Well thank you very much for that sexy definition, now we know. And if you want it in a nutshell, it’s a material that comes from the sap of various plants and is kind of like rubber.

As the excellent Latex Rubber Fetish Community site will no doubt inform you if you visit there and ask. If you are really into the whole Latex scene and not just the sexual side of it, then this is a great site to be a part of. As its introduction says it is free, it is a support community for anyone into the rubber and latex scene and you are not alone! The site takes the form of a forum which has hundreds of members and thousands of posts. Simply sign up for free and join in. There are also links to other rubber and latex sites and databases and it really is a hub to all things of interest within the fetish.

But if you simply want latex and rubber porn… Well, that’s a different story.

Top of my search was a newly re-vamped gay site that has a swish look to it and loads of different things going on. You can join the community forum here or you can view the galleries once you sign up. There is a preview which runs as a Flash demo and has a bouncy soundtrack. It might take a while to get going so be patient with it but, once the images are loaded, you will see high resolution shots depicting guys fully clothed in rubber, masks, sling action and guys in latex gloves. This is specialist stuff so preceded only if you now what you want.

Over at you will find another generic latex lovers site with blogs, images, links and news on the whole (straight) latex fetish scene. This site led to some other great straight fetish sites and is well worth a look if you want a general covering of all round latex – if you see what I mean. Putting this site together with the one above just goes to show how diverse the scene and the fetish is. On one hand you have guys in full rubber/Latex outfits in chains being fisted and on the other you have a sexy young dominatrix in a Latex costume and little else. You can guess from that that Latex is not only a versatile material but one that is easy to clean!

Anyway, over at you can really get involved with a community of other gay guys who have a fetish they like to explore. There are various forums to join in with – I couldn’t see a specific Latex one but you can always create one. There are hundreds of groups too and the site carries news of group activities, meetings, places to go, clubs and just about everything connected with the fetish scene - of which the rubber and latex niche is a big part.

I finished off with a bit of shopping as you will need something to wear when you go to your newly found latex club. At you have a whole range of costumes and accessories. Don’t forget that Latex is also a fashion as well as a sexual fetish; at this well laid out store you can buy everything from masks to briefs. From what I know of the cost of manufacture (it’s all hand made) the prices are very reasonable. As they are on, a site for all you Brits. The currency is sterling over there and the quality is excellent – and I can say that as I know one of the guys who makes it and I have a rubber jacket he made me ten years ago that I can still wear. But that’s another, and very private story.


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