Lesbian domination and bondage

Most of the adult sites that I have viewed, that specialize in Lesbian domination and bondage, carry a kind of health warning. They tend to advise you that the content will be hard and not to everyone’s taste. At the heart of this particular fetish is the idea that women will ‘hurt’ other women, but both parties will be consenting and, as in all proper S&M relationships there will be a code word for one or other party to use when it is time to stop.

You can dive straight in to lesbiandominator.com to see exactly what I am talking about – but you will need a Mancheck pass to do this. (With that pass you can view hundreds of other adult sites too though, so you should see it as an investment.) If you want to see some free examples then I recommend you visit bondagescape.com. This is a general BDSM link list that offers all kinds of hard-core, S&M galleries and links but it has some on the lesbian theme too. It was from there that I found lesbianbondagelinks.com which is a long page specialising in listing all the sites that will bring you the best girl on girl BDSM action.

For example: Bondage Orgasms is a site that features girls being tied up and bound and then forced to orgasm by other girls. There is a lot of dildo play involved of course as well as other toys. This site has a great tour where you can see more or less exactly what you will get when you sign up. There is page after page of short clips and galleries with all the hot action there for you to sample. The site is also nicely designed and a sensible price at $24.95 for 30 days. To go to the site the address is bondageorgasms.com

Still using my lesbian bondage link list I next took a look at infemdom.com. This is another well designed and laid out site where BDSM and lesbianism is the theme. As before the girls are sexy and there is a wide variety of scenarios, toys, costumes and sex acts to view. We are told that this site is pretty close to the knuckle and contains scenes of anal sex and fisting too so it certainly sounds like it’s going to be very hard-core. This site is slightly more expensive at $29.95 for thirty days and no trial membership.

The link list I was using went on for ever and it will be impossible for me to outline everything I found there. Instead I found you a site that will get you access to more than just one fem-dom site.

Lezdommovies.maniacpass.com advertises itself as having 400 DVDs of lesbian domination by other women. If you are a fan of the genre this sounds like the place to be. There’s a great tour with masses of sample pics to show you the style and quality of presentation and then, towards the bottom of the main page, you will find a list of all the other sites you can access with your membership.

The site says there are over 400 bonus sites but they won’t all be domination/lesbian ones. But featured among the samples from the DVDs are lists of the BDSM and S&M sites that are within that 400. Check the sign up page for all the details and to see exactly what is on offer for $24.90 a month – now that is what I call value for money.

So, the fetish of Lesbian domination – one woman dominating and forcing another women into sex – is a much bigger one than I first imagined. There’s a whole heap of sites out there and, unlike some other fetish sites I've seen, they all appear to be high class, well made and knowledgeable about their genre. If I were you I would start with the link list I mentioned and then surf around – happy cunt hunting!




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