Mistress slave

I took these two words together and ran a web-search to see what came up. I was interested to find out more about the business of domination and in particular female over male domination. The simple search turned up almost two and a half million results, which was fairly staggering but not too surprising I guess; this is obviously a hot topic.

You will need to know this: “A dominatrix (from the Latin dominatrix, meaning a female ruler or mistress; plural dominatrices or dominatrixes) or mistress is a woman who takes the dominant role in bondage and discipline, domination and submission or sado-masochistic sexual practices, which are commonly abbreviated as BDSM.”

mistress slave girl for bondage

The first site I viewed was a personal site for a professional dominatrix in New York. mistresstroy.com There were some interesting images here of Miss Troy happily zipping up guys into rubber masks and smiling as she brandished her whips. And there were interesting articles too, plus all kinds of other useful information for anyone thinking about getting into the BDSM scene.

sheridantaylor.com, site number two, came with a big collection of picture galleries plus contact information and she will interest you if you are Australia based, as she is in Sydney. Like many of the sites I viewed through this search this one is really for genuinely interested parties only. There are pics and stories, articles and so on, on these sites but they are not porn sites. Not necessarily anyway. They take this subject matter seriously and so should you!

mistressdiva.co.uk is the leading UK site which again comes with more than just contact details. There are stories, articles and images here and even a page on the philosophy of BDSM – as Mistress Diva sees it. I also noticed that she had a group in an on-line community site and that’s another way to go if you want to know more about the whole scene. Join a group and start chatting. It might sound odd to say it but you will find most professional dominatrixes are quite friendly… to start with.

Changing my search slightly by adding ‘porn’ to the end I found any number of sites that take female domination as their theme: or I should say domination by females. dominaline.com with its sexy black and white design will bring you hot vids and pics of guys being dominated in the name of love. Slycrawler.com has a much rougher look to it but also contains loads of female domination porn with guys being kept under foot, as it were. There are also plenty of sites out there that feature girls in strap-ons and many a straight guy likes to get fucked by a girl with a dildo, you’d be surprised. straponall.com has some great interracial strap on sex but I will be writing about that side of he fetish in more detail soon so I won’t go into detail here but will mention bodytrampling.com which is all about girls literally walking all over (and sitting on ) guys. No honestly, go and check it out!
Meanwhile: Being a writer I know of some book sites that are dedicated to the domination fetish. A1adultebooks.com being my favourite as it has both straight and gay sections and e-books that you can instantly download. These tend to be fiction rather than guides or factual books but I just thought I would mention the site in case you wanted some background and horny reading.

So, once again there’s only time for a quick exploration of the terms Mistress and Slave and you will notice that I didn’t mention either word very much. It kind of goes without saying that the mistress is going to be the dominatrix and the slave will be the guy beneath her… or girl, but lesbian domination and bondage sex is a story for another day.



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