Naughty Bids

What is Naughty Bids all about? Well, primarily it’s an auction site and a place to buy and sell almost anything. A kind of EBay for naughty adults if you like but more basic in terms of design and usability. My first impression of it was that you needed to register before you could do anything and I had a little trouble with this: I wasn’t in the USA or Canada and had no other choice of country and I was asked for my credit card details before I could create an account. They do say they are not charging you for creating an account and it’s useful to have your details stored for when you want to buy I guess. Anyway, once you have created an account you can explore the site in greater detail. But what will you find?

I checked a few categories to see the kinds of things on offer. You’ll find the listings of categories on the left hand side of the screen and when you select one all and any items for sale in that category will appear on the right. You are told what the item is, the price, how many bids it has (or whether you can simply buy it now) and when the bidding will end so you can keep an eye on the time left. In some cases the item has an image on the site and you can see this when you click to see more details.

After the Anime, Bondage and Books sections which were a bit thin on the ground, I came to Bulk Lots. Just like in an auction these will contain groups of things, packs of 25 videos or magazines for example and there was a decent mix of gay, straight and bi sex goodies on offer here. But it’s when you get to clothing that things start to get more specialised. Here you will find folk selling their used underwear as well as other items of clothing. Some examples: a dominatrix selling her cast off costumes, used and abused gym jocks, worn smelly shoes and so on. A big collection of second hand garments for those who like to collect such things.

Moving on there was a DVD area with hundreds of used and new adult DVDs to bid for or simply buy and later on a Gay section that was also very well stocked. I suspect that several items are put in more than one category as there were used jocks for sale here too, as well as many other things gay. Moving down to the Underwear section and you’ll find even more used under clothes and other items for sale. The underwear section also includes pics and DVDs featuring underwear so there is a bit of everything in here too. The same goes for the Toys, Videos and Panties sections.

So you see this really is an EBay for adults. There is a non-adult section of the site but there was only one item in it, so read in to that what you will. The site itself is very simply laid out and designed so it’s not difficult to use. Once you have registered you will be able to sell as well as buy and there is a good FAQ page that will explain how everything works. It also goes in to what to do if someone doesn’t ship and what your responsibilities as a seller are. You are able to use Paypal on certain items (but are advised to view their policy first just in case – they aren’t very adult product friendly,) but it seems that most transactions are done by credit/debit card.

All in all Naughty Bids looks like it’s a great place to hang out if you are a collector of adult memorabilia, hot DVDs and sex toys or simply a collector of other people’s underwear! Check it out and have fun.