Hardcore Penis tattoo

This guy has tats in an area you would think would hurt like nuts. Hurt like some nuts that were in pain to the max. Not just speaking of the burning pain he must have felt in getting the tattoo in the first place but the pain on his penis afterwards and during sex if he was allowed to have sex with these tats applied. If you are into a tattoo fetish then this is the most extreme I can imagine even more extreme than on the face even though the face is mighty painful. I say if you really love someone you will get their name tattoed on your cock and feel that love forever!

Penis tattoo on shaft head balls

Imagine how hot a tattoo on the penis would look going inside a fleshlight or going in and out of a hole. This penis tatoo may be my new kink fetish.

This is hot pic of a tattoo of of this dragon tatoo on the shaft and the balls even down the sides. Bet he had to shave for this and may have to keep it shaved judging from the hair down the legs. The piercing makes a hot dragon head.



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