& PicLens

A new kind of technology appeared on the websites of earlier this year. PicLens “transforms your browser into a full-screen, 3D experience for viewing photos and videos across the web. With one click, PicLens makes online media come to life via an immersive presentation that goes beyond the confines of the traditional browser.”

And if you’re wondering what that actually means the only way to understand it is to click over to their site and see it in action. While you are there you can download it for free, the instructions are simple and the process is quick. I just downloaded it and it sure is innovative and cool. As it’s downloading (which took seconds) your browser is closed but don’t worry. It comes back once the install is complete and takes you back to where you were. There’s a sample page there that you can experiment with: click a photo and that images glides up to the centre of your screen while the other ‘thumbnails’ stay in the background; click one of them and it takes the place of the first picture, and so on. Once installed there will be an icon on your browser that you can click whenever there is a PicLens gallery available. It doesn’t work unless the site also uses PicLense and you may need to ‘add’ the icon from your Tools/toolbars/customise menu in Windows Explorer.

I did note that the PicLens screen that comes up includes a search option so you can enter a keyword then search the various databases and search engines listed. All the images that are found appear very quickly, there’s a feature at the bottom of the screen to click and you ‘walk’ through the gallery, stopping when you want to enlarge an image. It is actually quite an addictive little toy and not only great fun but speedy and efficient too. If the content you've searched for or found is video then when the image enlarges the video starts to play; it’s a good way of searching and viewing the ‘tube’ sites though, if the screen is smaller than the PicLens screen, some quality will be lost.

But… is now using this software which is going to make viewing their content even more enjoyable than it was before. Senior Software Engineer for, Jon Scott Stevens said: “We chose PicLens because it is a freely available cutting-edge technology that makes it more enjoyable to view our huge collection of high-quality digital images. As a leader of technology in the porn industry, we enjoy offering the best solutions to our members. To my knowledge, we're the first, and so far, the only adult site offering this feature.”

Kink actual has 14 sites in its portfolio including, Hogtied, Men in Pain, Fucking Machines and Water Bondage. Not only are they using this ‘cutting edge’ technology but they are at the cutting edge of kink porn too: straight kink porn at least. I went to Men In Pain and tried my new PicLens but that site doesn’t yet support it. I have to say I tried a couple of others in the Kink network and didn’t find any PicLens-suitable galleries so I assume that they are inside the members’ area.

And as for Kink: well, they’ve been in business for many, many years and offer you a variety of hard and kinky sex. The quality of their work is well documented and of course I mean it’s good too. I suggest you simply click to and check out the range of sites on offer. These also include a behind the scenes look at the making of and a Video On Demand theatre too so you can watch what you want to watch when you want to watch it.

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