Real Doll

Here’s a bit of an eye-opener and something fun for all you bois and girls who are in need of a partner. How about a real, lifelike male or female doll? Yours to own and keep and play with for as long as you want. No more lonely nights, no more empty bed, once she or he is delivered it’s like having a real person in your home. At least that’s how it looks when you first start to explore

The manufacturer’s site states that it’s been using Hollywood special effects technology since 1996 to produce the most realistic ‘love’ dolls ever invented. They can be positioned in anatomically correct poses thanks to the full internal skeleton and the skin is made from silicone rubbers that actually feel like flesh. And, now this is a bonus, they can be built to your own specifications. It’s sounding more like science fiction all the time but it’s not, these things are here, now and fully available.

There are lists of technical information on the site which also tells you that there are interchangeable body parts and different faces so you can select what your new partner will look like. They stretch, the elasticised flesh can stand over 300% elongation, they are heat and water resistant, odourless, flavourless and easy to keep clean apparently. And as for the choice of ‘accessories’… well, these are really the customisable bits and pieces that you select when putting together your perfect man (or woman but I’m looking at the male version here). For example, if you like your men super-hung then you’ll want to go for the X-Large penis model that’s 11 inches in length (nine inch shaft) and seven inches around. These hard-on add-ons go down to an extra small four and a half inch penis and there is a flaccid version available too. As for the rest of him; the spec sheet I saw listed him as being five-eight tall, weighing 128 lbs, having a 40 inch chest and a pants size 29. The hair is synthetic and you can have a choice of colour. Though the pubic area I saw were always pictured as black, you could also opt for a shaved or ‘natural’ style in that area.

The site also offers you other alternatives to the fully grown mate. There is the Flat Back Torso collection where you get the basic body, without arms, legs and head and then you can get down to simply the cock, a dildo in other words, that’s available in two colours. I think that if I was going to buy a lifelong companion I would want the whole thing rather than just the torso, I mean there is so much more you can do with those other parts isn’t there?

The Accessories page includes some must have goodies such as a Real Doll CD, for the accompanying sound effects and a Real Doll Movie where some well known porn actors and actresses show you how to get the best out of your new mate. The glow in the dark cocks are quite good fun too, you can buy a spare cock for your guy and there is a silicone repair kit which you might want to keep handy in case you get carried away one night.

And now you want to know the price. Well, remember that these are unique and handmade items so they are not going to be cheap. The standard male doll comes in at $6,999 and the female version at $6,499 (making the price of a penis a round $500 I guess) and accessories, such as the spare cock, are extra. But, when you weigh up how much a human partner costs you in birthdays and dates you might just consider your own Real Doll to be a bargain.

Wouldn't you like a real doll instead of a blowup doll for your birthday? Or you could go the virtual touch route.