Sapphic Erotica

What exactly are we talking about here? Well, two things really. One, the meaning of Sapphic Erotica and two, the multitude of websites dedicated to it. Sappho was a poet (or poetess) from Ancient Greece (c. 600 BC). She was born on the island of Lesbos and the two names have more or less become synonymous: Lesbos/lesbian, Sappho/Sapphic, so for Sapphic Erotica read Lesbian Erotica and you’re pretty much on target.

Now we know what we are talking about, how many websites are there out there dedicated to the art of lesbian, erotica writing, poetry and fiction included. Well, a simple search for ‘Sappho’ brought up over 1,500,000 suggestions. Top of the list was which will give you the low down on the poet, her work and life. Along with this well written information are poems by other lesbian (and male) writers including Emily Dickinson and Gertrude Stein. I was interested to see that Wordsworth and Samuel Taylor Coleridge were also listed as being contributors to the lesbian poetry genre.

Clicking back to a search for ‘Sapphic Erotica’ I wasn’t surprised to find a couple of hundred thousand suggestions; this is a big and popular subject. We have moved on now from the original Sapphic poetry and verses on the subject of feminine love, to something slightly different. The flood gates have been opened to make way for a deluge of erotic content on a lesbian theme. The site brings this to you in a vivid pink design illustrated by three very sexy women in an erotic pose. However the site has taken the porn angle rather than the literary one and you will find lesbian videos are the staple diet here. Working my way down my search engine list I came to several other sites that concentrated on the visuals, selling lesbian themed porn sites under the Sapphic heading; which you’d kind of expect. goes in for more videos of lesbian sex as does and it’s clear that ‘erotica’ means porn movies at these sites.

I was trying to find something more classical though, trying to put the emphasis on erotic writing and so added ‘writing’ to my search. Bingo! I found a page about Sapphic writing and the Sapphic Erotica Festival. Though dated 2002 and seemingly a ‘dead’ site, (I may be wrong) it could be one to keep an eye on. If nothing else it is a good place to find links to other Sappho and Sapphic sites. Much more up to date and detailed is with stories, true tales and many links to similar sites. This is the kind of pace to visit if you are genuinely looking to read erotica rather than simply view porn videos.

And if you want to actually download entire books, in an ‘E’ format (PDF, Microsoft Reader etc.) you could do worse than check out Although this well planned and well stocked site tends to focus on the more hard-core read, particularly in terms of its bondage and ‘straight’ content, there are some well written lesbian themed novels and short story collections to buy. It is also a simple site to use with a shopping cart, instant downloads and front cover images of each title.

So, I have to conclude by saying that Sapphic Erotica has come a long way from its original roots on the Greek island of Lesbos where Sappho wrote her poems all those years ago. Tread carefully if you are looking for serious, Sapphic, stories and poems as there are a lot of adult porn sites out there that take the Sapphic title to simply mean girl on girl, hard-core sex. But hey! There’s nothing wrong with a bit of that too.