Straight hell

It’s revenge time folks. claims to put real straight guys at the mercy of gay men, and there is very little mercy to go around. The tour splashes include phrases such as ‘Arrogant straight boys taught a fucking lesson’, (it’s a play on words) and ‘Forced to submit to horny sadistic tops’. You get the picture. If you don’t then check out the pictures on the tour pages and you really will get the picture. Guys bound and gagged with dildos being inserted, men forced to suck cock, guys bound and spanked. It’s intense and hard hitting – if you will excuse the pun. 

So how does it all work? Well, there are opportunities to sample some videos and images on the tour. The weekly update that was featured when I visited started with a sensibly dressed guy approaching some (English) football fans. He offered one a ticket to an after match party. Cut to a warehouse where two gay guys put the straight boy in handcuffs. It started quite mildly but soon got to the point where the straight guy was panicking. When they started to rip his clothes off him, having tied his wrists and more or less suspended him, the straight guy started to panic. He mouthed all kinds of threats as the other two spat on him and attached clothes pegs to his nipples, cock and balls. The pleading started when the whipping started… it was there that the trailer ran out. 

There are two things to note here; the quality of the filming was really good and the quality of the acting was excellent. Acting? Yes, this is a set up – if it weren’t then there would be some pretty serious charges flying back and forth between the site and the straight guys – it’s extreme stuff. The site clearly states, when you read the text, that these are models, actors, but that they are straight too. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who might get a kick out of real forced sex scenes but these are acted and planned fantasy scenes. Having said that, the one that I saw was so well performed that it made me feel uncomfortable for a while. I’ve seen plenty of BDSM videos to be hardened to the genre and not usually affected by it, but this one actually had an affect on me. That should say something about the quality of the productions. 

It looks like you get easy access to the content too, once you've signed up. The videos are in WMV format and are downloadable in two qualities. Run times are between eight and 17 minutes. There are galleries of high resolution photos to view too and there were over 20 guys listed on the tour as the straight victims. I didn’t have full access to the site so I can only go by what is promised on the tour. Sometimes tour promises don’t pan out once you sign up and get inside a site but, looking at the honest text and the quality of this tour, I would say that you probably are going to get the advertised content here, and the updates which are offered to you as one new scene, or part of a scene, every Wednesday. 

Another interesting thing is that the site comes from the U.K. Britain is fast catching up with the USA as a place to make gay porn. Gone are the polite days of inhibited and soft-core sites. proves that the Bits are not afraid to make hardcore anymore and you won’t find anything much harder than this. It’s all natural with natural looking guys who do actually sound and act straight – unlike some of those sites that offer ‘straight’ men and then don’t let you hear them, so you can’t decide if they really are str8. There was no doubt in my mind that the guy being coerced into the BDSM session was heterosexual. 

It’s hardcore, hard hitting and believable and yours for only $39.95 a month (a standard, recurring and reducing membership fee).