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Well hung men

As far as I can see, when looking for sites that feature well hung men there are two choices. You can go for sites that morph their pictures and use some kind of program to stretch the cocks, or you can find sites that really do have genuinely large guys. The first option, in my opinion, is kind of fun but the second is much more horny. Let’s see if we can find gay sites that feature hung men…

Doing a general search on the net I came up with loads of sites and here are the ones I thought would give a general overview. scores highly in the list of hung black guys. We all know the myth that black guys are always the most well hung, well here they seem to go out of their way to prove it. The site has been around since 1999 and is a good source of hung Blatino guys – that’s black and Latino. It’s not specifically about hung guys but there are plenty there. Trial membership $4.95 really is about guys with extra length. There are all races here and, as long as they have more than eight inches, they will make it to the site. I was looking inside this site recently and found videos, pictures and bonus content and many a large member. Once you have recovered from seeing such large cocks and what these varied guys do with them you have four other sites to fully access with your membership making the $29.95 monthly membership really good value for money. is the place to come if you want to own DVDs featuring well hung guys. Simply enter ‘hung’ in the title search box and you’ll get at least 160 titles. Content includes Latinos and black guys plus young guys too. I recommend the Young and Hung series for sexy bois with nig dicks. is a site I have seen several times and it’s one that I know features guys with incredibly big cocks and no morphing or photo trickery. These guys are mainly from Turkey, so expect lots of cut cocks, dark looks and big balls, but the site does also lead you sometimes towards Arabic men who are also renowned for having over-large dicks. The site is sexy and easy to use, it has regular updates and plenty of content and it’s only $19.95 a month which is a great price. is the (and I mean the) place to come for shemales with big cocks. Shemales (transsexuals) are one niche and hung guys is another but here they combine both. Not only are some of the men hung like donkeys but some of the girls are too. I've seen shemale sites where the T-girls have small cocks and that’s fine but on this site you will see some of the biggest cocks on any T-girl, ever I reckon. You are in for hot videos and pictures when you sign up for the two day trial at $5.99 but from what I remember about the site you will need more than two days, so take the monthly $29.95 option. I’m telling you that your eyes will drop out of their sockets at some of the things you get to see on this site.

These sites are just some of the many that are available to you and the ones I just listed are all real cocks, no morphing. There are sites out there that have ‘played with’ peckers and Anime and Hentai sites are especially good at bringing you fantasy sized dicks – in cartoon form. But what ever way you choose to look at men with big dicks just be prepared for your eyes to water